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More Than Just Gaming!

We don't just play games together.
We are a group of friends.


With us, you can always be sure you always have awesome people to play or just chill with.

Game Variety!

We love all sorts of games!
And are always interested to try more!


We're dedicated to make this a great place to play games, achieve things or just hang out. Give us some time, and we're sure you won't regret it.

A Community That Cares About You.

Avalanche Gaming is a group of people looking to a part of true community, bring joy to gaming, and find new friends.

We believe in an open and including community that offer a friendly and chill place for everyone to escape our busy lives.

We discovered that finding a chill, social and close community is quite hard. Many communities are bloated with hundreds of members, but no connection between them. 
We have come to change that, and make it easy to find a real community.

We have the dedication needed.
We have the capacity to follow through and create something amazing with our community.

Gather as many social gamers as possible for countless hours of fun.

Our primary games.

Guild Name:

Avalanche Reborn


Next Upcoming Event
30 August 2019
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Not Convinced?

  • Monthly Events
  • Active Discord
  • No Annoying Requirements
  • Big Special Events
  • International
  • Dedicated Leaders
  • Room To Grow
  • Stress and Drama Free
  • Different
  • Group of Friends
  • Ever expanding
  • Chill & Laid back
  • More than just gaming
  • Open to Feedback
  • Honest
  • Content Making
  • Community with a future

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